Three-dimensional is the key word of the new Fall Winter Collection: in the fabric, touch and manufacture Lorena Antoniazzi uses cashmere with its softness and flexibility with a great prowess and a desire to surprise.

A new element is added to the softness and lightness that always play a central role in the collection: although research into yarns, a new type of aesthetic gives more prestige and exclusivity to the language used in Lorena Antoniazzi’s knitwear.

Each season, Lorena focuses always on the best yarn, just as a painter would towards on palette, in order to test new mixes and twists. Thanks to her enormous technical expertise, the designer is able to overturn traditional casual codes.

The garment takes on a life of its own.

She reveals new stitches: micro boucle, cut points and matted wool or cashmere combined with different kind of yarns. These twists offer new results not only for the image but also for touch: the manufacturing of knit becomes the main character in every collection.

Fluffy sweaters and “maxi lunghezza” are matched with masculine style trousers riding pants. Moreover, the knit becomes a caban, when matched with a raincoat, a long sleeveless gilet, or jogging sweaters which are easy to wear for all occasions.

Also in double knit: the coat is always a knit becoming fabric.

The snip point or the micro boucle, a mix of different yarns, is a great tool for creating new twists and illustrating the authentic handmade tradition. Full of creative passion and thoroughly researched original pieces for creating unique and refined pieces.

Color palette is also fundamental to this as well as expertise: with warm colors, moving from powder pink to beige. The only cheeky note introduced by the use of vermillion red and petrol blue.

Fur is an essential detail on the gilets and a precious component on the sneakers.

The light sheepskin coats are cut with laser techniques and are handmade.

The new concept of woman in knitwear by Lorena Antoniazzi is a little audacious, it does not reveal much about herself, but lets herself be revealed through what she is wearing and manages to describe herself through small details. As such the description could seem disruptive and discreet, but its values and guarantee of excellence and uniqueness are not betrayed.